17 November 2009

Return of the Evil Publish dilemma

My return from a 5 days trip was hard.

Last week, Google came to the mobile scene (yes, for me it's a bad news).
This week, I learnt throught Alessandro, that Adobe will drop the Distributable Player

I already said what I think about the Distributable Player solution, so I won't personnaly miss it....apart it was the only solution for CAB packaging!

From what I read, there are 2 kind of views :
- AMP was a solution to the fragmentation (installing the last FL player)
- AMP was a packaging tool

Since I can't see AMP like an answer to the fragmentation problem (the FL player installed isn't compatible with Nokia's Services), I used AMP like a packaging tool.
A CAB packaging tool because I use Nokia/Kuneri SWFPack for SIS and NFL packaging.

I must say I USED SWFPack since it was also shut down this week end!

So, until today, I lost
- my mobile website ad provider
- my CAB packaging tool (sort-of since I still can use it...but will it still install FL on WiMo 5 ?)
- my SIS/NFL packaging tool

Exactly what you need to stop everything, sell your computer and start playing in the garden

Hopefully, I'll need more to drop everything.
So I get back to my old SIS packaging solution:
- Nokia stub application
- Leonardo Risuleo's SWF launcher

While I was fighting with Symbian C++ evilness, Alessandro posted some hope : SWFPack will be back soon !

What 'soon' means ? I don't know...and even Nokia doesn't know :)

Sorry, Poulpytris free version won't be released soon :
I have to make some progress on Symbian C++ programming then on VisualC++/C# ...

New game of GamesPlaza : Jungle Snake

Another one I missed,

A simple avoider game, for standard or touch phones.

New game of GamesPlaza : Tomb Escape

A new free game is available on GamesPlaza

Or when Indiana Jones plays to Sokoban !

09 November 2009

Photoshop on Android

Adobe released a mobile Photoshop for the Android phones...I wonder how useful it is...

Google acquires AdMob

Today, Admob officially announced Google acquired them for 750 millions $ (sic!)

Now, Google (almost) rules the Web ads and the Mobile ads...(plus mobile stats!!!)
I really don't like it...
I mean, which Web site haven't a Google ads ? only free-ads web site!
Soon, you'll see these horrible text ads everywhere on mobile....
Internet is becoming a pure ads board...an ugly ads board

It remembered me of how much I was sad when MochiAds added Google ads on their ads engine ... now it's AdMob turns....

Don't know if we'll earn much, but I think I could say goodbye to Paypal payment...
No, I don't want a Google account! Google already had a lot of personal infos on me, they won't gain my bank account number!

It seems I'll have to found another advertiser network....
Not a big deal, I was about to change since AdMob didn't seem to like the idea of a crossdomain.xml on their website...
So, I plan to move to Adfonic (hope they'll succed and won't disappear like a lot of their competitors) but if you had a better option (required : paypal payment and crossdomain.xml), drop a comment !

07 November 2009

New tool : Export To Android command

Export To Android command
(click icon to download)

This little tool will help you to convert a Flash animation to an Android animation.
No, it won't convert your .swf to an .apk, it will export from Flash IDE the current timeline animation to Android res.anim and res.drawable resources.

Of course, the clip to export must be a timeline animation, not a script animation nor a multi depth animation.

This Flash command must be installed throught the Adobe Extension Manager.
You'll then be able
- export each frame or each keyframe to alpha PNG
- export using clip or movie size
- convert fps to duration
- skip empty frames (optional)
- re-align to top left (optional but recommanded on sub clip)

resource name is defined according movieclip name, and following JAVA naming convention.

You'll also find in the release package a sample Android SDK 2.0 project to test your export.

PS: command was tested on Flash CS3, let me know if it works/doesn't work on Flash CS4

BOOK : Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex & Java

I read this book looking for advanced topics on Flex.
Since Flex<->Java is a totally unknown world to me, it thought it was a good one (in fact, it was the only one at the time I got it)

Unfortunatly, only 2 of the 15 chapters were really interesting for me.
Why ? it's too much for people ALREADY knowing Java, so I was totally lost on some of the more technical parts.
I would say it's on my own fault, it's in the title "Flex AND Java"....

So if you're not in Java part (yet), this book is still interesting for these chapters

Chapter 7 : How to simulate LiveCycle without LiveCycle ?
I made some test using AMFPHP and I would say it's the very intersting way to make RPC.
Plus you could switch to BlazeDS/LCDS more easily
Just a warning, the way they make their own Flex component to be more 'destination-aware' friendly is, for my point of view, too much dependent on your application.

Chapter 10 : How to handle REAL application ?
VERY important subject I don't see much coverage on.
You'll see where are the limits of the Flex linking process and how it can't be optimized at its much but not fixed...I so miss .DLL :(

So, if you found it on a libray for some bucks, get it....else I don't think it's that valuable to buy this 70$ book UNLESS you're a Java pro too