17 November 2009

Return of the Evil Publish dilemma

My return from a 5 days trip was hard.

Last week, Google came to the mobile scene (yes, for me it's a bad news).
This week, I learnt throught Alessandro, that Adobe will drop the Distributable Player

I already said what I think about the Distributable Player solution, so I won't personnaly miss it....apart it was the only solution for CAB packaging!

From what I read, there are 2 kind of views :
- AMP was a solution to the fragmentation (installing the last FL player)
- AMP was a packaging tool

Since I can't see AMP like an answer to the fragmentation problem (the FL player installed isn't compatible with Nokia's Services), I used AMP like a packaging tool.
A CAB packaging tool because I use Nokia/Kuneri SWFPack for SIS and NFL packaging.

I must say I USED SWFPack since it was also shut down this week end!

So, until today, I lost
- my mobile website ad provider
- my CAB packaging tool (sort-of since I still can use it...but will it still install FL on WiMo 5 ?)
- my SIS/NFL packaging tool

Exactly what you need to stop everything, sell your computer and start playing in the garden

Hopefully, I'll need more to drop everything.
So I get back to my old SIS packaging solution:
- Nokia stub application
- Leonardo Risuleo's SWF launcher

While I was fighting with Symbian C++ evilness, Alessandro posted some hope : SWFPack will be back soon !

What 'soon' means ? I don't know...and even Nokia doesn't know :)

Sorry, Poulpytris free version won't be released soon :
I have to make some progress on Symbian C++ programming then on VisualC++/C# ...

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