31 March 2007

It seems my main feelings about Flash Lite is common

Yesterday I found this post, from November '06.
It's exactly my feelings about Flash Lite after these months of analyse : "good stuff but not enought enabled devices"

Book : Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices

Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices
Since February, I'm reading this Friends of ED's book about Flash Lite.
Very interesting, it's made for any level of developper.
Since I mainly use AS2, I'm more than happy to see good samples and instructions on 'little' AS1 for Flash Lite 1.x

I'm using the eBook version but it seems it deserves the paper one...perhaps later

30 March 2007

Let's begin the journey

this is my first post and so my first officially move on Flash Lite.
For more than 6 months now, I was surfing right and left to find some information about Flash Lite.
As a Senior Flash Developer, I wanted to test this part of Flash I didn't know.

Let be honest, the number of Flash enabled devices is low, but I trust Adobe when they say 'we want to be on every device with a screen'.

So I'm on the train, perhaps to nowhere, perhaps for a very interesting destination, time will say.