27 March 2009

Poulpy Game is recommanded on GetJar

I was updating PoulpyGame info on GetJar when I noticed PoulpyGame is now 'Recommanded by GetJar'.

WOW! PoulpyGame now randomly appears on the main part of GetJar, which means more downloads!

I don't know exactly why...
Perhaps because I got 2000 downloads the first week ?
Or because they're good friend with Adobe now ;)

In 2 weeks, I plan to make a report about PoulpyGame on GetJar (stats, pro, cons,...).

Test generated SIS file on emulator - part 2

To check SIS files on emulator, I tested
- unsigned SIS
- selfsigned SIS
- open signed SIS to emulator EMEI (00000000)
nothing...well, install start then emulator freeze

Then, to be asolutly sure, I launched Nokia RDA and...tada, I successfully installed any SIS I was unable to install on emulator some hours ago !(apart unsigned one, of course)

I came to the conclusion than running a SIS file generated by SWFPack/Nokia Packager on S60 3rd Emulator isn't possible.

Now, RDA is my friend ;)

26 March 2009

Test generated SIS file on emulator

It's been so long I'm on this one !
What ever I do, SIS files generated by Adobe Mobile Packager or SWFPack/Nokia Packager don't want to run on S60 3rd Emulator : "file corrupt"

I tried to fix icon file, file name, file size, phone configuration, etc...I'm still unable to launch anything.

I finally found the answer : the S60 3rd doesn't come with defaut certificates!
Just follow the instructions on this Nokia Technical Solution

You could also bookmark this page, which list every error message on S60 3rd

24 March 2009

What's new in Flash Lite 3.1.x

The Adobe Mobile Packager installs Flash Lite 3.1 player when needed.
But what is exactly FL3.1 ? a special version for AMP or a new Flash Lite, with new API and class.

Adobe release a document in its Mobile & Devices Developer Center which gives, with a very handy way to check each version API, some answers : ActionScript Support for Flash Lite and Adobe Mobile Client.

It's interesting to see BitmapData (and linking class like ColorTransform, etc...) are now here. I make some experiment in Flash with BitmapData and I really like to use it for tile-based games !
Rectangle and Point will increase the available AS2 components which can be converted to FLite.

You'll also find ExternalInterface and LocalConnection are here in Flash Lite 3.1.7... what the hell is 3.1.7 !?! :)

And before you ask, like I did, what AMC is, check this post from Scott Janousek

22 March 2009

SharedObject FL 2 vs FL 3 in Device Central 3

A good thing to know when you debug your application/game under Device Central 3 (I don't know if DC4 still handle it this way ) : the sharedObjects aren't handled the same way in Flash Lite 2.x and Flash Lite 3.x

When you test sharedObject under DC3, it creates a file named storageObjects.bin under C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Device Central CS3 (in Vista).
This file is the current sharedObject data.

Let say you're testing your FL2.x app under a FL2 phone, the sharedObject will be in FL2 format.
Now, switch to a FL3 phone... your sharedObjet is now totally messed up (wrong value, lost data, etc...) !
Because DC3 open the FL2 shared object like if it was a FL3 shared object.
It seems the internal structure of a shared object has changed in FL3.

So remember to empty the shared objets using DC3 control panel BEFORE fully testing on a phone with another FL version.

on a side node, FL3 shared objects are smaller than FL2 shared object, according the storageObjects.bin and size shown on the DC3 control panel.

17 March 2009

Adobe Mobile Packager...or not ?

Some hours ago, I was present at the Webimar from Nokia Discovery, Distribution & DRM – opening doors for Flash Developers

What I hear confused me : Adobe Mobile Packager isn't the 'perfect' way to follow.
In fact, Nokia seems afraid that the Flash Lite Player installed could disturb the Platform Services available on S60 5th edition and soon S60 3rd edition.

So, if I think about the worst scenarii :
- pre-installed Flash Player with Plaform Services
- new Flash Player without Platform Services
- updated Flash Player with Platform Services...

so, I really don't know if I must package my games with AMPackager, like a lot of others developers. What if we, in fact, corrupt the 6th Edition and its Plaform Services ?
Nokia is working on its own solution...I'll perhaps wait

12 March 2009

Poulpy Game on GetJar

Poulpy Game is now also available on GetJar

I'll upload the WiMo and SIS versions later, when I'll be fully ok with the cab/sis created by Adobe Mobile Packager

Flash Lite on my Samsung I320, at last !

I really like my Samsung I320 and its azery keyboard (I hate SMS!), perfect to surf!

My only regret was the lack of Flash Lite Player...
Some weeks ago, Adobe released the Adobe Mobile Packager.
First, I only noticed the supported WiMo device list but when I launched the download, I noticed another download available : the Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player

This player is available to developers for testing purpose.
It is available for WiMo5 smartphone (my case), WiMo5 pocketPC, WiMo6 and S60

So, I make a cab install of Poulpy Game to test it
I downloaded the WiMo5 smartphone cab file and transfert it on my I320
I so installed Poulpy Game using the generated cab

and, unfortunatly, as I live outside supported countries AND the I320 isn't a supported device

My last hope : the distributable player

I crossed my finder and relaunch Poulpy Game:

the I320 is now a Flash Lite enabled device...and 3.1 version !!

On a side node, I downloaded the S60 one and test it on my N70....'corrupt file' :(

06 March 2009

3 months of work and here it comes : WillNa

So, after some hours spent, I finally launched on March 1st my own Flash (Lite) site

At this times, I only provide one game :

You already saw this game, it was my first attempt to make a game with FlashLite.
My friend and I work a little more on it, taking in account some remarks (thanks Dale!) and so, here it is!
At this time, I use Voeveo plaform to sell it.

The second game, still for mobile, will come in some days.

I plan to drive traffic making classic Flash games.
I hope to earn enought money to buy a Chumby ...and make games for it !