29 April 2010

Steve Jobs is still trying to kill Flash

On Apple website, Steve Jobs is still trying to kill Flash.
But, times after times, it becomes more and more stupid.

The first part of this hate-letter is the perfect introduction of what you'll read after : perfect non-sense! "Hey Adobe, we almost raised you so ... shut up and call me Dad/God!" ;)

We see here Steve Jobs has one and only enemy : Flash.
How can you honestly say Flash is closed and IPhone is open? Seriously...I still don't realize he actually said this !
I really like how it uses the delayed date of release of Flash 10.1 for mobile.
And for video, I can't read another word from him when I saw QuickTime.
But be cool, every website will soon reencode their videos to H264 since Steve Jobs asks it.
And it's not more honest to say actual web games won't work on touch screen....Of course, they won't work...they were MADE for mouse based play!
Let us me make games for touch based systems and you'll see....
(on this point, I'm actually testing a LOT of touch games and I could say a very few are really enjoyable...)

So, skip all these parts and jump directly to the 6th!
It's certainly the only interesting one (if you forget it's from Steve Jobs) because we can really gain something from it (the previous ones were only Adobe-Apple war rockets)
In fact, it's more than just Steve Jobs asking us if Flash (for any platform) is REALLY interesting....but at this question, I'll return "and what about Java ?"
Are you for middleware or not ?
Are you for develop one and release everywhere ?
Are you for optimized code or for 'work-everywhere' code ?

Look at video game which are developed to be able to release a PC, PS3 and X360 version from the (almost) same code...they are slow and far to be optimized...
It reminds me the time of MSDOS, with the 3DFX version of the game or the Gravis version....everything made in pure ASM.....

Interesting...really...I think everyone should think about it BEFORE to make a choice...
Else, you can skip this stupid letter and go back to what you LOVE to make what ever it is, Flash or IPhone games, I don't mind. Just take pleasure to make them.

18 April 2010

Flash Lite 4 AS3 reference

As stated in a comment on my previous post, the FL4 livedocs is available from 1 month now.
While testing Flash Builder 4 (I won't comment here about the good and bad thing of this product), I noticed you can filter the AS3 reference to one or more runtimes.
Flash Lite 4 is one of them !
Good thing if you dev in Flex but want to port it to FL4 (I know, it should be Slider's job).

So, we now have all the docs....We're now waiting for Slider and FL4 based phones (HTC Desire?)