31 July 2009

Samsung Application Store is now open

Soon after SE's one, it's now Samsung which launched its own application store.
Well, at least the Seller site since the application store will be available on Q3 2009.

Not as much information as for Nokia's OVI or SE's PlayNow like validation process, etc.., so I tried to register and what did I found ?
If you want to sell applications under your personal name, you should register as a private seller

It seems individuals could register and sell apps on Samsung Application Store for a 1$ registration fee.

It is a good idea BUT I suppose you also had to sign your apps...
It means 200$+20$/ea symbian ! (I need to check WiMo signing fees)
And, as some people already point out on OVI forums, you'll need a PublisherID to sign a symbian app....but you need to be a compagny to had a PublisherID !
I read some weeks ago changes are coming on this part but I don't know what and when.

So it seems we finally had a store opened to individuals BUT we still can't sign our apps to submit them...unless Samsung accepts unsigned app or selfsigned app ?
I don't know since I'm not registered yet and didn't find any information on this point...

Samsung Innovator new website

Samsung redesigned its developer website (Sammi !) 3 weeks ago.

Unless previous one, it seems it's easier to find what you're looking for so it's a good news !

27 July 2009

Mobile Advertising Solution : Smaato

Like I said some days ago, I'm currently looking for the best ads solution to use in VGTrailers, my Flash Lite developer challenge entry.

I contacted 6 companies and got 4 replies.
From my developer point of view, the best of them is Smaato.

Smaato selects ads from others ads networks (from their homepage : AdMob, Third Screen Media,...) so no need to register in every ads network, only register on Smaato.

They made a test server available so you can ask for test ads without problem.
And I won't talk about their support who get an answer to every of my questions...and I got a lot (Thanks Robert!)

XML API is very well done and documented.
Among the cool features of the API, I noticed
- clean XML results
- IP and UserAgent are optional parameters, unlike other solutions
- ask any MMA standard ads size you want (XLarge, Large, Medium, Small), linked or not to phone' screen size since they don't userAgent
- ask any number of ads you want (so you can place 1 or X ads on a screen)
- keywords and categories target : you can almost 'select' the ads you want for better CTR.

I spent some days making a SmaatoAdRenderer, it wasn't very difficult but I wanted a generic one.
So I thought I find THE ads solution I was looking for and, with my renderer ready, asked for a publisher ID (ie registration).
And, then, the dream came to an end : Smaato is a professional solution for... professionals.
You MUST be able to reach 1 million ads/month else Smaato will close your account.
I found it out 1week ago and I'm still sad thinking about it.

Anyway, I got back to the 3 other solutions !
Like I did with Smaato, I'll share my impression soon....

24 July 2009

Capuchin dedicated forum on SE

I found by chance the newly opened Project Capuchin and Flash Lite forum at SE Developer World.

I hope I'll read there as much interesting information as in Forum Nokia.

SE PlayNow app store submission opened to developers

While PlayNow submissim was only available to 'selected developers' at launch, SE announced 3 days ago the full opening.

Note that, as I already talked about, you need to be a company (for payment) and to sign your app to successfully submit content...like always

I was unable to even try submission since you must fill a form asking for company name, vat and bank info to access submission.
hopefully a Step by Step example is available, for illustration.

20 July 2009

Samir's PTA on GetJar

Samir just released Pocket Travel Assistant (Beta) on GetJar while it was only available to 35 selected people.
Thanks for this, Samir!

For info, PTA is Samir's entry for the ended Flash Lite Developer Challenge.
My (less impressive) one is coming soon.

15 July 2009

FlashLite Phone Browser - Nokia unavailable

It seems I won't be able to release a fully working version of Flash Lite Phone Browser!
For some days now, Nokia's Mobile Device Specifications Database is not working.
I don't know if it's final or not, I don't have a reply (yet) on my post on Forum Nokia.

I'll of course let you know if Nokia's phones list comes back.

06 July 2009

New Alpha app on SE Labs : FMRadio

A new Capuchin app has been added on SE Labs this morning

FM Radio

FM radio use the Tuner capability for JSR 234 (scroll to the bottom), with full RDS support

Note: download and mobile links are now working (they were broken on first post)

02 July 2009

Some known ways to increase download on GetJar

After the success of Almium Clock screensaver, I tried to find the ways to achieve this goal.
I'm here talking about GetJar only, not globaly since it uses GetJar's specific services...

So, to increase the number of downloads, there are, at least, these ways

Make a the new-thing everyone will talk about

yeah, I know, it's the Holy Graal, but it's a way ;)

Add a link to your app everywhere, waiting for the result of this viral marketing

it's the common way.
Samir was very good at this on the Playyoo contest 2 years ago...and it seems he's still good since its PTA appeared in an India's newspaper ;)
Unfortunatly, it takes a lot of times and you could easily gain the status of "spammer" on each forum you advertize for your app.

Hope GetJar will find your app interesting

I had this chance with Poulpy Game.
As soon as GetJar recommanded Poulpy, my downloads increased to almost 3 times more per day !
Of course, what you think to be a good app may not be recommanded by GetJar.
I (unfortunatly) don't know how they choose their top apps.
Personnaly, I'm asking myself if rejected SE PlayNow apps will be good enough to be recommanded by GetJar...

Use GetJar PPD

What is PPD ? Pay Per Download...
Simply, you pay 1 to X cents each download....and to have your app in front of GetJar store
It seems it could work a lot
What I don't know is how much you must bid on download price ...
If you bid 1cent, does it mean you app will be visible only at midnight when almost nobody comes on GetJar ?
and if you bid 10 cents, when GetJar's servers almost die under the number of connections ?
Side note, minimum payment is 1000$ !!
They made a promotional campagnain when I submitted Poulpy Game so I had a 50$ gift...I'll try it in the future..

I also had to talk about the GetJar rank which give you more chance to be on the top of list in your app category.
How does it work ? well...nobody but GetJar knows , so I didn't add it on a way to increase your number since you have no control on it.
I think it's a factor based on number of downloads between each week : if download number of week X is higher than week X-1, your rank is better
as soon as your downloads drop, rank drops too.

Note I don't know if using GetJar MADI will update your rank or not.

If you see another way, share it with us ;)
ps: I don't know which one Almium used!

01 July 2009

Playyoo Premium Program

Last week, Playyoo officialy launched their "Playyoo Premium Program"

What is the PPP ?
Well, for us, developpers, simply a way to make some money.
If you make a good game using their SDK, submit it for PPP enrollment and, if it's good enougth, your game will be available, at this point, on Vodaphone Italy.
else it will be available on Playyoo only...
Then, you'll receive (at least) 100$ every 5000 download...not a bad deal, no ?
Oh...and PPP accepts individuals...not only legal entities like others big ones

It's another way to make some revenues from fun.
I don't how good it is against a "70/30 share revenue" model...
See you in some weeks for my feedbacks since Poulpy's Game is actually accepted on the PPP!

The interesting point is the non-exclusive condition : it means your game could be anywhere, not ONLY on Playyoo....so, what are you waiting for ?!

I hope Ekleptica's Bog Frog is on the PPP too...it's, for me, the best game available on Playyoo

In App advertising - banner size

If you think you'll add in-app advertising, you should know which sizes are commonly used by the advertisers...
For this, you should check Table-3 in the page 3 of the MMA Mobile Advertising Guidelines

For people too lazy to load this (very interesting) PDF file :

X-Large : 300x50
Large : 216x36
Medium : 168x28
Small : 120x20
Tag lines : 10,12,18 or 24 characters width

SE PlayNow app store, 1st July launch!

Sony Ericsson PlayNow app store submissions seems to have started but I can't use it...not working yet ?!
Hopefully a step by step details and informations are available

The interesting points:
For premium content (end user pays to download) you receive 70% of net revenue from sales, after taxes, service charges and so on. You can also distribute free content

The classic 70/30....but if you read the detailled doc, you'll see SE allows ads-enabled app and isn't against subscribtion-enabled app (and others specific registering models like upgrade,etc...)

To submit content, you need to be a legally registered company or entity.This is required for payment processing and tax (VAT) reasons. We regret that we cannot accept submissions from private individuals.

Sadly, it means I personnaly won't be able to submit to SE App store...
Unlike OVI Store, SE explains why this choice....and shows interest in private individuals (not ignore them).
On the FAQ, they use "At this point"...I don't know if I could dream or not :)

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed once it is submitted?
At present our goal is 30 days

Ouchh! 30 days while people are complaining about OVI Store 'slow' process !

If your application is accepted but not signed, you must now complete JavaVerified™ or Symbian Signed certification

It's a good thing...you only have to pay and go throught the signing process AFTER SE validation.
And yes, Symbian also! for their S60 5th edition's device(s)...

If your app is rejected, you can use GetJar as 2nd option....
It's strange...does it mean GetJar will be the home of middle/low quality apps ?!

I didn't find enought information on how GetJar & SE will work together.
I thought SE PlayNow will 'only' be a filter view of GetJar (read SE PlayNow apps will ALSO be available on standard GetJar).
But it seems GetJar will be the second choice...

For more 'pro' details & guidelines, read the misc documents available.
You'll find which countries is supported and with which payment methods...