28 November 2010

Test touch game w/o a real device is a pain

Some weeks ago, I finished my Poulpytris port for Android (using AIR for Android).
It's pure AS3 so I would like to port it to Nokia's FL4 devices

I think it works, but how could I seriously release a game for a device without real touch tests ?
I tried with Remote Device Access but I don't know if my game is slow or if the web is slow ;) Emulate touch throught Web is almost impossible....

So I think I'll keep this version for me until I got, perhaps, a FL4 enabled device (which I doubt since I'll soon receive an Android based one)
Plus I can't release it since I need to package it in a .sisx file and, so, need a valid IMEI....
why don't they support .nfl on S60 devices ?!!!
It's been so long we're asking for... :(