24 October 2012

Who try to clone who ?

This week-end I made something interesting : i activated my iPhone and updated my nexus to ics at the same time.
While discovering the new ics, i also discovered how they cloned iOs.
Every change made from 2.2 to 4.0 are only from iOs. It was a very bad discovery....

03 October 2012

Finally, it's my turn to follow Apple law...

After many years trying to avoid Apple and every iThings, I finally had to move on the Apple train.
I'm very late but, after some interviews, I finally realized it costs me a lot to blacklist Apple.

I so followed last week a 5 days training on iOS development.
It was great because I met some great people but the iOS ecosystem is still, for me, anti-freedom.

Of course, I realized what people may like on iOS, how easy it is to navigate, to swipe, to tap, to scroll...
Of course, I confirmed an iPhone is easier to use than an Android phone.
But seriously, anything you want to do, even as a developper, has to be validated by Apple.
For exemple, even to distribute an app for review to your client, the guy who pay this app, you need to register your client's device to Apple.
And I won't talk about guidelines which change each version.
And how you can't develop for older versions (yeah sorry, 3GS users, your 400$ phone is now good for trash because noone could develop for it anymore)

He Apple, do you remember I PAID for an iThing, a MacBook, an entreprise license ... ?
so please, let me do what I want !

I also learnt how fast you could create a first version of your app using XCode and Interface Builder :
it's just 3 times faster than for Android.
It's more difficult to be professonial (no doc generation, fake MVC, just awfuly difficult to reuse custom UI components...) but you could create a prototype in few hours

Anyway, I already reached my first goal : I'm now able to write ANE for any platform which is a good thing !
I can't wait for the last part of the training, in 2 weeks (about iCloud, private appStore, core data, ...), to reach my second goal : be able to answer any iQuestion of my clients about iThings or, at least, to know where to ask or find the answers