07 November 2009

New tool : Export To Android command

Export To Android command
(click icon to download)

This little tool will help you to convert a Flash animation to an Android animation.
No, it won't convert your .swf to an .apk, it will export from Flash IDE the current timeline animation to Android res.anim and res.drawable resources.

Of course, the clip to export must be a timeline animation, not a script animation nor a multi depth animation.

This Flash command must be installed throught the Adobe Extension Manager.
You'll then be able
- export each frame or each keyframe to alpha PNG
- export using clip or movie size
- convert fps to duration
- skip empty frames (optional)
- re-align to top left (optional but recommanded on sub clip)

resource name is defined according movieclip name, and following JAVA naming convention.

You'll also find in the release package a sample Android SDK 2.0 project to test your export.

PS: command was tested on Flash CS3, let me know if it works/doesn't work on Flash CS4

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