15 November 2007

Flash Lite game contest

It seems I jump back on FL boat at the right time.
A game contest started last month.

Well, looking at the prizes, I think I should be able to find time to write 1 or 2 games!
You should do the same, I'd like to see great games on FL...and play them on my new toy, a N70

At last! The post I was waiting for

Does Flash Lite Have a Future? is a post from Richard Legget. You know him if you read his book !

From the beginning, I was looking for an answer to the question : "Can I make profits with Flash Lite only ?"
I now have the answer : yes...but for a limited time, so don't forget Flash/Flex/AIR.

Thanks Mr Legget!


It's been a lonnnnnnnng time without posting.
Sorry for that but a lot of changes occured :
I'm now married and got a new job 2 months ago!
Not Flash Lite but Flex.

But, good news, I have a N70 at work!
It seems it's time to test the real thing!

23 May 2007

I-Mode opinions

I-Mode is a NTTDocomo' service born in 1999.
It uses Flash Lite 1.x so you understand why I talk about it here ;)
Some info on Adobe website.

At this time, it is used in 16 countries and 47.6millions users

Since I-Mode is available in France throught Bouygues Telecom, I thought it could be a way to use Flash Lite.

Unfortunatly, the results are not that good :
- 2 companies (KPN & MTS) seems to close their IMode service soon because the benefits aren't enought
- Docomo was unable to access India throught Hutch Essar
- no North America's operator, no South America's operator, no Canada operator
- I didn't find any news of I-Mode update for FL2.x support

So, for me, it's useless to focus ONLY on I-Mode.
A company needs to work on others services, or work a lot for Japan!

anyway, there is a chance my wife's next mobile will support I-Mode ;)

21 May 2007


Another use of Flash Lite : prototyping.

Let's say you have a complexe Symbian application to release.
You can easily make a prototype (UI, clickstream, etc..) in Flash Lite for validation.

I2 Tecnologia proposes it for example.

13 May 2007

Analyse from Handango's Flash contents

I wanted to wait some weeks before to do it but someone already did it

Mariam posted an intersting point of view of current Flash Lite content available on Handango

I think wallpaper and screensaver can't be sold so much. People will say 'but it needed a lot of art works!". Yes, it's hard to find the equality between quality and price, but it's a reality : who want to pay 5$ for a wallpaper ?!

Yes, I'm alright with her analyse (low cost Flash Lite content).
So another analyse need to be done :

The main goal of this blog is to find a way, if any, to make money with Flash Lite content.
More than before, I'm sure business applications are the only way.
Perhaps games too, but you need to follow the GameLoft way : licence games, which need to be paid.

Let's be honest, the possibility to release a mega hit casual game is very small.
A company living with wallpapers, screensavers and games need to release a lot of them : minimum cost for maximum benefits.

11 May 2007

Now or later

It's now clear.
Although Flash Lite 2 is available since March '06, there are still very few devices which support it.
A lot of developers still work on Flash 1.1, waiting for mass Flash Lite 2.x supported devices released.

So here I am, I'll study Flash Lite 2.x (+ XHTML Basic and CSS) from now, waiting for the same thing ;)
In fact, all is under Adobe's makerting force hands !

I'm waiting for my FL2.0 capable (not enabled) phone, I'll so be able to write my case studies in some weeks.

24 April 2007

Next step

I finally finished Friends of ED book...
Very interesting, I even found informations I was not waiting for in a book : extend Flash Lite (via python, symbian C++) and packaging/distributing.

In fact, the only info I missing is "how to do you create and distribute content for several devices with differents screen size ?"
It seems Device Central could help it... I'll wait for the trial version to check that.

So, enought theory, let's go practice!! I'm waiting for my 5200 but for the first tries, I'll use the emulators (Flash, Nokia SDK, Sony Er. SDK)

17 April 2007


Just after the "Preview New and Exciting Mobile Workflows in Creative Suite 3" eSeminar, I contacted the great guys from Adobe.
They gave me a link to Mobitween, which is the only french Adobe Flash Lite Solution Partner.
It was a great surprise to find that their main projects were games!

It was a pleasure to talk briefly with them.
It's really a company I would like to break into!
Perhaps later, who knows ?!

31 March 2007

It seems my main feelings about Flash Lite is common

Yesterday I found this post, from November '06.
It's exactly my feelings about Flash Lite after these months of analyse : "good stuff but not enought enabled devices"

Book : Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices

Foundation Flash Applications for Mobile Devices
Since February, I'm reading this Friends of ED's book about Flash Lite.
Very interesting, it's made for any level of developper.
Since I mainly use AS2, I'm more than happy to see good samples and instructions on 'little' AS1 for Flash Lite 1.x

I'm using the eBook version but it seems it deserves the paper one...perhaps later

30 March 2007

Let's begin the journey

this is my first post and so my first officially move on Flash Lite.
For more than 6 months now, I was surfing right and left to find some information about Flash Lite.
As a Senior Flash Developer, I wanted to test this part of Flash I didn't know.

Let be honest, the number of Flash enabled devices is low, but I trust Adobe when they say 'we want to be on every device with a screen'.

So I'm on the train, perhaps to nowhere, perhaps for a very interesting destination, time will say.