24 July 2014

Back on Stage !

After the dead of Flex and AIR, I tried several others solutions.

I even tried HTML5 (Enyo is just the one and only valid solutions right now, forget about AngularJS) !

Of course, like most of you already know, there is NO unique solution.
The one you depends of the kind of app you want to release and the secondary target platforms, with Android and iOS as the first target platforms.

So, right now, in July'14
If you want to make a stupid simple app, go for Cordova / Phonegap.
If you want to make an average app, go for Cordova / Phonegap with Enyo or Telerik.If you want to make a professionnal app, sorry but nothing beats native code.
If you want to make a 2D game, OpenFL based solutions are the best (check HaxeFlixel or HaxePunk)
If you want to make a 3D game, Marmelade and Unity should help you...a lot !
If you want to target Windows Phone 8, learn WinJS or XAML C# !

On this last year, a lot of changes occured on the mobile world
Blackberry10 kind failed, while I personnaly really like the OS
Android moved to an apple'ish OS, with every bad included (but not a lot of good!)
iOS became an (even more expensive) toy with its less and less intuitive UI
Nokia died, with all its remaining blood sucked by Microsoft.
Tizen reinvented the terms of vaporware (vaporOS?)

and, recently, the only valuable android phone was released : the OnePlus One
An Android phone with the best technical specs ever without all the Google'ish ...and at a very descent price (a third of an iPhone !!)

So, hi to the followers we kept an eye on this blog, right now, I'm back !