15 November 2007

Flash Lite game contest

It seems I jump back on FL boat at the right time.
A game contest started last month.

Well, looking at the prizes, I think I should be able to find time to write 1 or 2 games!
You should do the same, I'd like to see great games on FL...and play them on my new toy, a N70

At last! The post I was waiting for

Does Flash Lite Have a Future? is a post from Richard Legget. You know him if you read his book !

From the beginning, I was looking for an answer to the question : "Can I make profits with Flash Lite only ?"
I now have the answer : yes...but for a limited time, so don't forget Flash/Flex/AIR.

Thanks Mr Legget!


It's been a lonnnnnnnng time without posting.
Sorry for that but a lot of changes occured :
I'm now married and got a new job 2 months ago!
Not Flash Lite but Flex.

But, good news, I have a N70 at work!
It seems it's time to test the real thing!