24 November 2008

Opera Mini 3 disappointment

As you know, I own a Nokia 5310, a recent S40 5th edition mobile phone.
You'll be surprised to know I received it with Opera Mini 3 installed (and not the latest one, Opera Mini 4).
Perhaps, like Apple, Nokia doesn't think Opera Mini 4 will fit on their OS and will consume too much battery.

Anyway, I'm currently making a mobile version on my upcoming website.
Of course, I test it under my phone and others simulator/emulator/SDK.
My websites use XHTML+CSS, which is very common (I should say mandatory!) for mobile website, and Opera is known for its great support on CSS.

Well...I must say I was VERY disappointed to see Opera Mini 3 is not like that...
I can't believe what I saw on my mobile screen :
- partial backround color
- wrongly interpreted CSS
- bad support of HR (yes...this old HTML keyword)
Give it a try :
just open 'Mobile test by Cameron Moll' on Opera Mini 3. It's dismaying!
Note this 'Mobile test' is a reference for Opera...when they talk about Opera Mini 4.

Opera Mini 3 is NOT a browser : Opera proxy gets your page, optimizes it for mobile (and from what I saw, VERY badly) and sends this optimized page to Opera Mini.

Some will say 'hey, update to Opera Mini 4'
I'm sorry but I won't be able to say people browsing my mobile site : 'hey, update to Opera Mini 4'

The last hope would be Opera Mini 3 bundled with french Nokia 5310 is a bugged version.

Yes, this post is here because I'm angry...

19 November 2008

'Get Flash Lite Player'

Via Dale & Biskero, Flash Lite 3.1 player will be distributable and installable like the classic Flash Player.

coming soon, the Get Flash Lite Player button to add on mobile site.

Perhaps we could think Adobe want to make a first step with this deployment mode before the final one : Flash Player classic on mobile.
So, in 2010, you should be able to install the 'same' Flash Player everywhere the 'same' way : clicking the button !

18 November 2008

Warning, Rabbits did it again !

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is now available...I can't wait to play with it!!!!!

ps: sorry, it's not Flash Lite related....but it's a so fun game!!

17 November 2008

Flash Player 10 and AIR on mobile end 2009

Via Adobe, Adobe and ARM team up to produce Flash Player optimized for ARM processors.
According press release, we should see this "in the second half of 2009".
Since a lot of mobiles are based on ARM, can we expect the end of Flash Lite for 2010 ?

It's another step of the Adobe's OpenScreenProject initiative where ARM is one of the partners

14 November 2008

Strange preview with DC3 update 7

After reinstall Vista (for the 8th times!), I forgot to update Device Central upto update #7.
It's when I wanted to try under Sony Ericsson phones that I noticed it.

So I updated to update 7 and I so lost my mind.
Until now I tested my games under 3110, 5200, 7373, 5310 and N95 without problems.
But with this update, preview under 5310, N95 and 6300i became like preview under Sony Ericsson, in browser mode.
Don't know why....and I must say I have a real 5310 where my games work like under update #6
I'll see with DC4 when I'll get it.

See my logo screen

5200, no problem


N95 under FlashLite 2

N95 under FLash Lite 3, no problem

SE C902 (browser mode)

12 November 2008

Chumby on the news

It's fun...while I'm looking at Chumby, it comes in the news!

Via Dale, Chumby is now available on Australia throught Internode. Also coming soon on Japan.

Internode also sells 'skins' for Chumby

At the same times, I discover the Chumby 2009.
The most noticeable change is the long awaited 'reboot after power outage'.

05 November 2008

Thanks Chumby !

Yesterday I won 12 months of free access to the Lynda.com Online Training Library.
It's so great! I already know which trainings I'll see first!

How did I win this ? Dale launched a caption competition 1 week ago and I won...thanks to the Chumby!

When I said that to my wife she asked me about the Chumby.
I so linked her to some reviews on the Web and.... I hope DC4 has the Chumby template because she really liked it :)

I just need to find a way to buy them...since I'm out of USA, I can't buy them from Chumby's store...too bad :(
It seems I'll have to add a favorite search on eBay...
Contact me if you know how to import them in France !