07 November 2009

BOOK : Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex & Java

I read this book looking for advanced topics on Flex.
Since Flex<->Java is a totally unknown world to me, it thought it was a good one (in fact, it was the only one at the time I got it)

Unfortunatly, only 2 of the 15 chapters were really interesting for me.
Why ? it's too much for people ALREADY knowing Java, so I was totally lost on some of the more technical parts.
I would say it's on my own fault, it's in the title "Flex AND Java"....

So if you're not in Java part (yet), this book is still interesting for these chapters

Chapter 7 : How to simulate LiveCycle without LiveCycle ?
I made some test using AMFPHP and I would say it's the very intersting way to make RPC.
Plus you could switch to BlazeDS/LCDS more easily
Just a warning, the way they make their own Flex component to be more 'destination-aware' friendly is, for my point of view, too much dependent on your application.

Chapter 10 : How to handle REAL application ?
VERY important subject I don't see much coverage on.
You'll see where are the limits of the Flex linking process and how it can't be optimized at its much but not fixed...I so miss .DLL :(

So, if you found it on a libray for some bucks, get it....else I don't think it's that valuable to buy this 70$ book UNLESS you're a Java pro too

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