10 December 2009

WillNa SIS packer bug : web call doesn't work

I spent the last 2 days to fight with a bug :
Trying to load my ads, I was unable to make it work when SIS packaged
I first think about a FL3 issue, moved my SWF to Trusted folder...nothing...
Not even a call sent (checked using proxy)

Strange thing, the SWF launched as-is (ie not SIS packaged) works like a charm so...no doubt, it's the stub ! but it's Nokia's one !
Tried some other ways to launch SWF without success...unless I finally find a way to configure KuneriLite with 3rd FP2 SDK
If it works using KuneriLite, it means it is possible!
After some hours this evening/night I finally found the reason : CAPABILITY

On Nokia Stub source code, they defined the CAPABILITY to None
It means that even if you "Allow Flash content to establish network connection", it will not work if the stub hasn't the network capability !

So, wait for the coming WillNa SIS packer update or simply change the _stub.mmp
CAPABILITY NetworkServices
(more info on existing capabilities)

and thanks to Saji who helped me on Forum Nokia!

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