09 December 2009

InApp advertising : silly me!

For some months now I'm trying to use InApp advertising.
I just discovered that "In app" doesn't mean "everything must be done in app"
Silly me! I was fighting with AdMob, Adfonic... ads engines & security models from within Flash Lite when the solution was simply to make a static web page on my site to call...

When Alessandro explained me how he handles AdMob ads I almost died : sooooo easy !

It seems Kirk was looking for the same solution himself (or mailed Alessandro like I did) since he wrote 2 day later a great tutorial on this point

I'll just add to use , for easier parsing,
$admob_params['OPTIONAL']['f'] = "html_no_js";
and, to force for text ads,
$admob_params['OPTIONAL']['y'] = "text";

you should also take a look to AdMob analytics, to know your users!

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