27 March 2009

Poulpy Game is recommanded on GetJar

I was updating PoulpyGame info on GetJar when I noticed PoulpyGame is now 'Recommanded by GetJar'.

WOW! PoulpyGame now randomly appears on the main part of GetJar, which means more downloads!

I don't know exactly why...
Perhaps because I got 2000 downloads the first week ?
Or because they're good friend with Adobe now ;)

In 2 weeks, I plan to make a report about PoulpyGame on GetJar (stats, pro, cons,...).


Unknown said...


I recommended it because it looks like a fun, easy to learn game which is graphically pretty good looking. the numbers seem to speak for themselves ;)


William Gregoire said...

Oh! thanks !
It's even better than I thought then !

Thanks a lot !