12 March 2009

Flash Lite on my Samsung I320, at last !

I really like my Samsung I320 and its azery keyboard (I hate SMS!), perfect to surf!

My only regret was the lack of Flash Lite Player...
Some weeks ago, Adobe released the Adobe Mobile Packager.
First, I only noticed the supported WiMo device list but when I launched the download, I noticed another download available : the Flash Lite 3.1 Distributable Player

This player is available to developers for testing purpose.
It is available for WiMo5 smartphone (my case), WiMo5 pocketPC, WiMo6 and S60

So, I make a cab install of Poulpy Game to test it
I downloaded the WiMo5 smartphone cab file and transfert it on my I320
I so installed Poulpy Game using the generated cab

and, unfortunatly, as I live outside supported countries AND the I320 isn't a supported device

My last hope : the distributable player

I crossed my finder and relaunch Poulpy Game:

the I320 is now a Flash Lite enabled device...and 3.1 version !!

On a side node, I downloaded the S60 one and test it on my N70....'corrupt file' :(

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