18 April 2008


2 years ago, I tried to understand Java for mobile.
My plan was to add functionalites to the FL player throught a proxy.
I quickly stopped because Java was a mess for me.
I saw SWF2GO, Kiss60, etc.. but nothing for Java (Symbian C++ is insame!), so for 'any' phones.

Then I learnt AS3 throught Flex (yeah, not throught Flash).
I know see what a class is, what an event is and I must say J2ME doesn't afraid me anymore.

Then Jarpa appeared some times ago...I noticed it but, at this moment, I didn't have time to play with (see my posts, you'll see I wasn't really 'here' for a long time)

So I downloaded NetBeans, Sun's Wireless Kit and still trying to download Nokia's SDK (got a problem registering!)
It's hard because it's not the same world : I'm more from a "look how well it's animated"-world than "look how much lines I used to print Hello World"-world.

I don't plan to code in pure J2ME, I only would like to contribute to Jarpa project.
See you in Jarpa's Google group ;)

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