29 April 2008

Flash Lite vs Platform

I just finished my little application (coming soon) which retrieves Nokia phones data from Nokia web site
My first try gave me strange informations.
I always throught platform version defined the Flash Lite version.
I found some cases it's not true :
  • 6131, 6131 NFC, 6234 aren't Flash Lite enable while others S40 3rd Ed FP1
    don't know why but 6131 are Flash Lite enabled for FlashLite4Nokia
  • 2680 Slide isn't Flash Lite enabled while others S40 5th Ed FP1 are
  • 6300i is 3.0 while others than 2680 slide S40 5th Ed FP1 are 2.1
  • 6210 Navigator is 2.1 only while others S60 3rd Ed FP2 are 3.0

Don't know if Nokia made mistake, which I doubt.
From now, I'll always check FlashLite version, not platform version

Edit : Alessandro replied to my post in his blog, sorry for that my setup was wrong about comments

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