04 February 2013

Use Android Developper Tool (ADT) with a proxy

On my current job, I had to use ADT
Unfortunatly, they are very strict on Internet security and so use a proxy for any access.

ADT needs Internet access to download SDKs and images for the AVD manager.
You could define a proxy on the ADT preferences screen but how do define a login/password protected proxy ?
I tried http://<login>:<password>@<proxyadr>:<proxyport> with no success

Hopefully, after some googling, I found the perfect answer :

You had to edit androidtool.cfg in C:\Documents and Settings\YOU USER NAME\.android\ and edit 3 properties


http.proxy should not be there, it's up to you to add it

 Thanks Florian !!


Anastassia said...

Thank you so much for this! Saved me at work as well =)

Unknown said...

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