12 October 2010

Back to Nokia ?

I was very busy these last months trying to develop for Android Froyo.
It was a real pleasure to, AT LAST, develop using AS3 !
But I must say it was painfull to handle multi res, multi input, etc....
It was strange because it made me remember my first tries with Flash Lite 2.0 with a MAJOR difference : I was able to handle ANY device screen size on Flash Lite 2.0

I'm pretty sure we'll meet a LOT of problems we almost solved on Symbian in a near future :
- screen size
- screen orientation
- device os version (Froyo doesn't mean FP10 every times) with a come back of WURFL ?
- system call (need to test AIR as soon as possible for this)
- size (look at FP runtime weight...and AIR runtime weight)
- os update breaking previously working app...and so handling update OTA

At the same times, Nokia is releasing Symbian^3 devices with FLite4 support (AS3!) and drop the OVI Publisher cost...
I think it's time for me to came back to a platform I knew a lot :)
I wonder if I could easily port my AS3 game to FLite4.....

perhaps it's because the roadmap of Android isn't clear enougth or because my HTC Desire keeps crashing for nothing...or because it's clearly interesting

If at least I could win some bucks at Flash Game License compo, I'll be able to pay my Android Market registering cost to (try to) make money with AIR ;)

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