26 July 2010

How to use Flash Builder + Flash CS5 + Device Central CS5 ?

To code on Flash Builder, design your asset on CS5 and test on Device Central CS5, you need to follow these steps from DevNet

Just keep these in mind to make a DeviceCentral valid file
To create a new file, use File>New and select 'Adobe Device Central' template, then select your mobile targetted (Nexus One)
Be sure to check Debug>Debug animation>in Device Central (yes, you'll need to check it EVERYTIME you'll open the fla....)

The first time I tried, I was unable to make it works on my own computer :
Flash CS5 knows Flash Builder is available (since the dialog box to create the document class name has the Flash Builder option) but it is unable to open it.
It also tried with Flash Builder already opened without success.
I retried several times with success but I met a lot of the problems I list below....
This method makes it easier to create the fla + project + document class but, unfortunatly, it breaks something else :(

Problems you'll probably meet:
- If I follow these steps one by one, sometimes it works sometimes no. Why ? I'm pretty sure it's because FlashCS5<->FlashBuilder bridge is buggy as hell!
- the SWF is launched 2 times on DeviceCentral => close everything and retry
- FlashBuilder keeps coming on front while debugging => close everything and retry (sometimes only DeviceCentral is enougth)
- Flash Builder opens SWF on projector not Device Central => launch the debug at least one time from FlashCS5 and check Debug>Debug animation>in Device Central on Flash CS5 (it seems FlashCS5 doesn't know if a FP10.1 file is for mobile or web)
- Flash CS5 complains my Fla doesn't contain AS code => check fla document class
- Flash Builder keeps trying to 'Publish Flash professional file' on Progress window => Flash CS5 doesn't inform Flash Builder back (who say buggy?)
- When debugging using breakpoint, debug session occurs on Flash CS5 not Flash Builder => I didn't find a workaround on this one, hC)las :(
- Why not create the fla from Flash Builder ? => I would be very interested in finding how ?! Why Adobe doesn't let us create a fla with correct document class is a mystery for me...
- DeviceCentral crashes often when I launch debugging => yeah...I know :(
- if you don't follow this method and try create the project yourself, you'll need to add link to the classes yourself

Personnaly, I was REALLY waiting for this feature....but I don't see any difference with the several hacks available for Flash CS4 (using JSFL or Ant).
Even worst! you can't adjust it for your own needs!

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