02 March 2010

Flash Lite 4.0 ?

Last week, while I was downloading the HTC Desire alpha ROM, I read Mark post about it.
the HTC Desire ROM (shown below) is running a new alpha version of Flash Lite that supports AS3

Some days later, Alessandro shared this interesting post about the several versions of Flash available on Android.

It's now clear that a new Flash Lite is coming 'soon'.
What is it (apart to support AS3, alleluia) ? For which platform ? Available throught CS4 or CS5 ?
Like I reported previously, it's strange how Adobe isn't sharing the information on FLite 4.0...Perhaps to avoid the confusion with FP10.1 ?

I only hope one thing : to see FL4 (and FP10.1) working on Android emulator!
Actually, apart an old S60 SDK which let you play FL1.1, I never found an emulator (nokia, se, android,...) able to play FL files

and no, unfortunatly, the HTC Desire ROM doesn't work on Android emulator, since it's not for the right ARM processor :(


Biskero said...


good question.
By the way, all Nokia S40 SDK have Flash Lite for the supported phones from 1.1 to 3.0


Anonymous said...

Oh Flash Lite 4 is coming soon: here the API list for it :) Happy days for HTC HD2 users.