05 January 2010

Wii Flash Lite - basic input

If you're not using a third library (more on this soon), the input on Flash app/game played on Opera Wii version are very limited!

- The wiimote acts like a mouse (use a mouselistener!) where A button is the mouse button
- Input texts are handled : if you select one, the Wii opens its virtual keyboard on full screen
- No keydown except a very strange one : after a click on a the screen, if you press the A button with the curson OUTSIDE the screen, you receive a keydown where Key.getCode() returns 57433 and Key.getAscii() returns...57433 (ie 0xE059)! I don't know what it means, I found nothing on the web (bluetooth related?) but it perhaps could be used to know when you're out of the screen.

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