31 January 2010

iPad : the revolution..but not the one we were waiting for!

Last week, Steve Jobs made another of these geek presentation, wearing jeans and basket.
Until you lost your internet connection, you know what I'm talking about : the "so waited" iPad.

now, this is the kind of reaction you have all over the web

I won't talk you much about the lacking Flash support because, this times, it's not the main problem.
If you read my post about the lastest Ads mobile networks bought by Google, Apple and Opera, you knew what I'm afraid of...and Apple made a new move on this step.

After Microsoft which tried and failed, Apple is actually trying to make an AppleWeb...
Like they're doing with their AppStore when they control what you are allowed to install, they are trying to control what you are allowed to see.
No USB to transfert data, DRM everywhere, no plugin to see what you want (PDF?), video and music by iTunes again...

So the revolution is here...Apple made a public presentation of a system to control the information. It really fears me!
I'm not alone and even if it's from an Adobe employee, I'm totally agree with him.
I'm not for the OpenSource everywhere but we can't let ONE actor decides on what is good for us.

I'm trying to think "he! it will be a failure, it's so dumbass" but when I see the success of the iPod and iPhone 1 & 2, I'm not sure...
When I saw how 'professional' journalists claims how much the iPhone is a revolution, forgetting all what had been done by Nokia, I'm not sure...
When I saw how iPhone maniacs are...maniacs, I'm not sure...
When I saw how some of these 'extremists' iPhone maniacs are able to say "great! they are cleaning the web of the flash ads! HTML5 powa!!!", I'm not sure... (see Lee's blog for this, it seems they are all there!)

My only hope is that people were waiting for a real revolution, the next step of the netbook and so won't see a reason to buy a 'big' iTouch....

To everyone looking for a "good" tablet, browse Scott's blog...a lot of useful (and not locked) systems exist like the litl

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