01 October 2009

Mobile Advertising Solution : Adfonic

Like I said some days ago, I'm currently looking for the best ads solution to use in VGTrailers, my Flash Lite developer challenge entry.

I contacted 6 companies and got 4 replies.
I already reviewed Smaato & Admob, here comes Adfonic

Adfonic is a new challenger (less than 6 months?) but I read the compagny is managed by former employees of a now defunct adverstising company, so they know what they are talking about!

If you didn't read my AdMob review, I suggest you to do it now because Adfonic is very similar to AdMob.
For our goal, the important thing to know is that you'll also need to use the 2 requests trick.
But, good news, they are open to any request to improve their API.
And I can personnaly confirm this point since, soon after I posted a request on their forum, they added urlencode format: no need to parse XML, just use a classic LoadVars!

Another good point : you can select which ads you want to see in your app/site.
And when I said select, I mean select EACH one, not select categories.

So what ? Well, between Adfonic (the little) and AdMob (the big), I really don't know :
AdMob has some interesting features
Adfonic is not a 'major company' yet
Adfonic supports LoadVars
AdMob lets you add your own ads
Adfonic lets you select your ads

I will use AdMob on a release and Adfonic on another one so I'll see which one is the best.

See you soon for my last review.


Unknown said...


If you need any further support or have further questions, get in touch.

Adfonic Team

William Gregoire said...

No problem!
I know you are ready to answer to all my questions!