18 September 2009

BUG : lost full screen and crash on S40

NOTE : I only have 1 S40 phone for testing so I don't know if this bug is only available on the 5310XM or on other S40 phones

While testing advertizing on S40, I found a strange behavior :
if you call an fscommand2("Fullscreen", true) on any frame before a loadvars.load or a xml.load, you'll lost fullscreen for ever
+ calling fscommand2("Fullscreen", true) has no effect
+ calling fscommand2("Fullscreen", false) will crash Flash player (White Screen Of Death!)

To avoid this, I needed to make my call in the same frame as the fscommand2 OR on a frame before the one with the fscommand2

If you answer "no" when Flash Player asks you to accept Internet connection, bug doesn't happen.

HERE is a file with source to test it.

I tested on several S60 available on Nokia's RDA but I was unable to get a valid internect connection to fully test it.
At this time, I don't know if this bug is present
only on my phone or
only on the 5310XM or
only on S40 or
only on FL2 phones or
on every phones

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