02 July 2009

Some known ways to increase download on GetJar

After the success of Almium Clock screensaver, I tried to find the ways to achieve this goal.
I'm here talking about GetJar only, not globaly since it uses GetJar's specific services...

So, to increase the number of downloads, there are, at least, these ways

Make a the new-thing everyone will talk about

yeah, I know, it's the Holy Graal, but it's a way ;)

Add a link to your app everywhere, waiting for the result of this viral marketing

it's the common way.
Samir was very good at this on the Playyoo contest 2 years ago...and it seems he's still good since its PTA appeared in an India's newspaper ;)
Unfortunatly, it takes a lot of times and you could easily gain the status of "spammer" on each forum you advertize for your app.

Hope GetJar will find your app interesting

I had this chance with Poulpy Game.
As soon as GetJar recommanded Poulpy, my downloads increased to almost 3 times more per day !
Of course, what you think to be a good app may not be recommanded by GetJar.
I (unfortunatly) don't know how they choose their top apps.
Personnaly, I'm asking myself if rejected SE PlayNow apps will be good enough to be recommanded by GetJar...

Use GetJar PPD

What is PPD ? Pay Per Download...
Simply, you pay 1 to X cents each download....and to have your app in front of GetJar store
It seems it could work a lot
What I don't know is how much you must bid on download price ...
If you bid 1cent, does it mean you app will be visible only at midnight when almost nobody comes on GetJar ?
and if you bid 10 cents, when GetJar's servers almost die under the number of connections ?
Side note, minimum payment is 1000$ !!
They made a promotional campagnain when I submitted Poulpy Game so I had a 50$ gift...I'll try it in the future..

I also had to talk about the GetJar rank which give you more chance to be on the top of list in your app category.
How does it work ? well...nobody but GetJar knows , so I didn't add it on a way to increase your number since you have no control on it.
I think it's a factor based on number of downloads between each week : if download number of week X is higher than week X-1, your rank is better
as soon as your downloads drop, rank drops too.

Note I don't know if using GetJar MADI will update your rank or not.

If you see another way, share it with us ;)
ps: I don't know which one Almium used!


Patrick Mork said...

Hi guys,

Just to chime in here. First, there is no longer a $1000 minimum to set-up PPD campaigns.

Second rank is a function of downloads and product reviews.

Third you can find much of the information you need on our developer blog here: http://blog.getjar.com/developer/

Fourth placement is generally purchased either through PPD or fixed placement. If there is excess inventory marketing makes editorial decisions to push certain apps we consider good for consumers.

hope that helps!


Animion said...

I'm creator of Almium luxury clock and today I found your article. What a surprise for me! Almium was nothing special, just another product of me (just like Aluminium, Docco, F75, and more..).
First of all, thank you for your interest, after months of troubles with OVI it's really relaxing! Only thing I can say of doing some special was using gift of 50 USD for spending on PPD program + 50 USD from previously uploaded app where I didn't used PPD. But what's next? Is it really so big win? After a month when Almium was on top of rank I uploaded new version with ad on screen. I was wondering if I can earn some money from it. No way. There is no else income than your article.
This scenario is common for giving something for free (I tried it on handango and else...). Especially, one thing is very important: who is your audience? The community around GetJar and similar sites are hungry for free stuff, but very unwilling to buy something. One guy in his blog named such people a freetards. It is very good name for such community. This people are in common very self-centric. At least, give some review or feedback... nothing.
It is very interesting. I have only few apps on iPhone distributed trough AppStore but situation is completely different. There are people responding, communicating, they send me emails with ideas for features in the apps. Also when they are for free. What a different!
If people around GetJar would pay at least $0.01 I will try it. But I think they will not.
So, it is nice to read such nice articles about Almium's succes but it is really all I can have from it.