15 June 2009

(i)Phone UI prototyping

While reading info for the new iPhone (I still doesn't like it...for an user and developer point of view!), I found a very interesting idea : iPhone Stencil Kit

It could help a lot prototyping an app!

For more tools, I found an old post from Thomas Joos very interesting

From comments, I also found this "iPhone-Catalyst" :)

All of this may, of course, be ported to anything else than pittyPhone !


Mattpk23 said...

He! That's my video! Soon I will post another one with more features. Thanks for mentioning us. Visit our site in a few weeks for the updates!

William Gregoire said...

Sure ! I really like your works on touch design...so bad I don't understand Dutch ;)

Mattpk23 said...

Yeah, most of our clients are Dutch. Our tutorials will be written in English, I still have to do some rework on our site to split the two.