24 June 2009

In App advertising - first look

As announced, I plan to release VGTrailers using in-app ads....

When I first looked to this kind of solution 1 year ago, I only found one company which, hélas, stopped it 2 months ago!

Now, the play has changed : almost half of the mobile adversting companies have an in-app ads solution.
Well, in fact, they have in-pittyPhone ads solutions !
Some of them also had Android solution and one had also BlackBerry and Palm solution...
Problem is these solutions need a SDK...it's not an API you can plug in using Flash Lite : no Actionscript SDK !

So I contacted 5(!) of the mobile advertising companies which seems to have a full API to find a solution.

See you in some days for, I hope, some results!

PS: If you already succeed to include dynamic ads on your Flash Lite app, please give me some feedback!

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