11 June 2009

Flash Lite Developer Challenge : Nominees

At last, nominees list is available on the Flash Lite Developer Challenge page

Unfortunatly, VGTrailers isn't on the list....
If I could, I'll say Gamesflash has a lot more of functionnalities so it wins

I'm also surprised to not see Samir's PTA ... perhaps Synctur is better, I don't know

Congratulations to the nominees !
See you in 6 days for the winners ! :)

ps: I'll give more info on my own entry soon


Anonymous said...

the app PPT n video gives a feeling that its too good to be ignored as a nominee in the contest. Looks like something fishy in the contest. something intentionally done. Looks like adobe's conducting biased contests.

Unknown said...

I totally agree,I think Samir's app must be in the nominees group, I have looked into PTA through Samir's blog, and it's really good.

I'm part of Synctur's team, the basic goal is the same than PTA, but the approach it's absolutely different. I think Synctur is a powerful application and the concept behind it, involves more parts related to business in the equation, so maybe this is one of the key difference between both applications.

William Gregoire said...

Lot of comments on this challenge rules....
As Mark told, it's written on the T&C (well...if "To be eligible for the Competition, all Competition Entries must comply with the above qualifications and be submitted in electronic form via the submission tool at official competition website http://www.flashlitedeveloperchallenge.com" could be read as "ppt, jpg & ppt only")

Anyway, it's done and if you weren't not ok with this, why did you submit your video/ppt/jpg ?
I personnaly asked myself...but finaally submitted : everybody did the same way so it's fair.

Anonymous said...

its not about the rules but the way the selections were made. If judging from video and ppt is the rule then also they ignored a very good potential ppt and that is unfortunate.