29 June 2009

BUG : ExtendBacklightDuration on Distributable Player

When testing VGTrailers, I found something strange with ExtendBacklightDuration...
I first thought it was because I used a unsupported phone (Samsung I320)
Thanks to Darren, I know this bug also occurs on at least one supported phone : Samsung BlackJack

What is the bug ?
Well, when I play a video, I tried to extends backlight duration until the video ends...
Basically, I call fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 6); every 5 seconds (every 6 seconds I got some flicker)
Doing this, the backlight NEVER switch off, even after video ending...and using fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 0);

With AMP 1.1, I finally took the time to make some tests and was able to reproduce it (with AMP1.0 & AMP1.1)
I repeat : at this time, bug was only detected on 2 (Samsung) WiMo devices....
I unfortunatly can't test it on S60 devices since I don't own one and Nokia's RDA doesn't allow this kind of test...

So simply make a fla with this code

Stage.align = "TL";
Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
fscommand2("DisableKeypadCompatibilityMode"); //patch for 5800, thanks Dale!
fscommand2("Fullscreen", true);

fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 35);
fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 35);


Publish it and deploy it using AMP....
BackLight 'should' never switch off again
even if you add a fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", 0); or change the duration...

It's not the documented behavior...
If the time elapses without an additional call to this command, the backlight behavior reverts to the default duration.

So, if you first call fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", XX)
you should never call fscommand2("ExtendBacklightDuration", YY) again before XX seconds

I got the same result publishing a 2.0, 2.1 or 3.0 SWF (I haven't CS4 so I was unable to test under 3.1)
If I load the SWF under FL2 player on my N70 w/o problem.

So, if you got this problem or could test it, I will happy to got your feedback.
If I missed something, I'm interested too!


Unknown said...


I have some time to test this topic on N95 with flash lite 3 updated via firmware.

I have tried it as swf file and works fine, and I've tried it as SIS created with Adobe Mobile Packager 1.1 and works fine too.

So I think the problem could be with Samsung implementation, or maybe the Windows Mobile implementation of the flash lite 3.1 player.

It would be great if someone with a windows mobile device (not samsung) could try it to have a complete information about this behaviour.


William Gregoire said...

thanks for your input.
I'm pretty sure it's a WiMo only bug. But you're perhaps right : Samsung only ?

Unknown said...

Maybe I can find a Windows Mobile device from a differnt manufacturer than Samsung... If I can, I'll try it and I'll write here the results.