22 June 2009

Device Central CS3 #9

From Mark, a new update to Device Central CS3 is available.

I personnaly thanks Adobe for that...still using DC CS3, I missed Nokia 5800 and SE Capuchin phones !

So, what's new ?
- new Asian phones
- new Nokia phones (standard and luxe one)
- new Sony Ericsson capuchin phones

Mark added "Distributable Flash Player 3.1" but don't know what it means...nothing new on DC CS3 after update nor info on this on DC CS3 update page....
FL 3.1 + DC CS3 = ????

Unfortunatly, no Chumby profile :(
I had Scott Janousek's one but it's no longer up-to-date
I don't know if there is a Chumby profile on DC CS4....since Chumby is now a FL3.1 powered device, it should be...

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