17 September 2008

Nokia Flash Lite package

From Mariam, it seems Nokia finally released a way to distribute Flash Lite application on Serie 40!
Their NFL (forget football) is no more than a zip file.
Easy to make but a so big step on games/applications releasing!
Of course, this package format is only supported by newly phones (S40 5th FP1+).

From comment on FL-Root, it also seems it handles multiple SWFs...cool!

Can't wait to test it!! I hope Nokia's emulator handles it! I can't buy one phone every month (and SE C905 is already waiting).

I only have the regret they don't use a JAR file (like SE's capuchin). How many times before distributers will add support to .NFL file ? Perhaps we'll see soon a www.getNFL.com !
And you'll also need to make a .NFL for S40 and a .SIS for S60 (using Kuneri online SWFPack?)
Minor points but perhaps Nokia will add .NFL support on S60 one day (my next dream!!)

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