16 April 2008

Sound, another nightmare with Flash Lite!

5 days ago, Flash Lite 2.0 : Sound for Nokia S60 and Serie 40 devices document was released.
I was happy because 2 days before I was looking how to add sound on Poulpy.
So I donwloaded and read it...10 minutes later, I was very sad : even sound isn't as easy as it should!

(click to enlarge)

Q: what do you need to do to have Music and Sound on S60 AND S40 ?
A: Midi and bundled 3GP !

Sure...no problem for MIDI but, for 3GP it's another story, like I discovered in the document :

First, 3GP is a ....video format! cool, let play a video for its sound... who said memory problem ?
Second, a video must be on the screen, visible, to be loaded and played by FL player. Cool, I need to make a 3GP 1x1 pixels...err...which tool ?!

my my my...why everything must be so difficult ? ;)
at this time, my game has sound only on S60 since I didn't find a suitable tool to make a 3GP from a bmp and a wav...
I'll try MikSoft Media Converter since it's use FFMpeg or make a batch to access FFMpeg directly.

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