14 April 2008

Flash Lite contest 2007 results

The results for the Playyoo Flash Lite contest are finally known!

I'm really happy to see Bog Frog from Ekleptica won!
I really liked this game ! I even think it should be sold !
And it seems I'm not the only one if I read the comments ;)

Congratulations Ekleptica !

For info, these results are from the 2nd part of the contest.
The 1st part was for 'the most downloaded games' which I really disliked but learnt a lot. I planned to write a post about this but I think it will deserve me ;)
The 2nd part is from professional judges, I was really waiting for it. Not for my poor little game but to see what professionnals see as good/great games.

So, I'm very happy to see who is the winner of the America contest : the game I personally liked the much!

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