23 May 2007

I-Mode opinions

I-Mode is a NTTDocomo' service born in 1999.
It uses Flash Lite 1.x so you understand why I talk about it here ;)
Some info on Adobe website.

At this time, it is used in 16 countries and 47.6millions users

Since I-Mode is available in France throught Bouygues Telecom, I thought it could be a way to use Flash Lite.

Unfortunatly, the results are not that good :
- 2 companies (KPN & MTS) seems to close their IMode service soon because the benefits aren't enought
- Docomo was unable to access India throught Hutch Essar
- no North America's operator, no South America's operator, no Canada operator
- I didn't find any news of I-Mode update for FL2.x support

So, for me, it's useless to focus ONLY on I-Mode.
A company needs to work on others services, or work a lot for Japan!

anyway, there is a chance my wife's next mobile will support I-Mode ;)

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