23 February 2010

Nokia API Bridge

Another thing I missed is the Nokia API bridge.

When I read the presentation of the technologie, 2 things came on my mind :
Capuchin and KuneriLite

KuneriLite adds functionnality throught plugins
Capuchin "enables developers to bridge the Java™ ME and Adobe® Flash Lite™"
Nokia API bridge "provides a plug-in mechanism that can be used to make features of Symbian and third-party native Symbian applications available to Java applications, web apps, and Adobe Flash Lite content"

You can't create your own plugin on KuneriLite
YOu can extend Capuchin throught the Service API
You can extend Nokia API bridge throught a Plugin API

KuneriLite supports any S60 phones (?)
Capuchin supports Java Platform JP-8.4 SE phones
Nokia API supports any S60 FP1+ phones (ie FL2 phones)...even SE, Samsung..?


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TheRohan said...

Nokia has created the On Demand Web TV template. It enables Web TV services to be optimized for mobile devices. And, because it’s a WRT widget, On-Demand Web TV apps can be accessed with a single click from the home screen of any Symbian^3 device from Nokia.

For more on Web TV application and to download Web TV widget template check this link: http://bit.ly/cTIzBr