23 February 2010

Flash 10.1 for mobile

MWC ended and Mark Doherty made today a resume of all the great announcements made by Adobe (or others) regarding Flash on mobile....but no Flash Lite 4 ?! is it dead ?!

To that, I'll also add 2 posts from James Wards
The first one show an OPTIMIZED version of Tour de Flex for mobile
It's important to notice the "OPTIMIZED" word.
I read all over the web several comments like "ok, Flash10 and AIR are on mobile and so what ? do you REALLY think my web app will be useable on a small screen ?"
I personnaly think Adobe isn't clear enought on this point, it's more like if they say "your app will work AS IS on mobile", which is true...but which UX ?!
For ex, if you look at the video of Michael Chaize and Thibault Imbert , you'll notice how Michael got some problems to click some buttons.
He replied with a very interesting point : "the click area must be at least 34pixels radius"
Hopefully, as Alessandro pointed out some days ago, Adobe released a lot of documents on Mobile tips on the DevNet...which I didn't read yet

The second post is about performance : the "WOW!" effect on mobile !

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