18 April 2009

Samsung and Flash Lite

I knew Flash Lite was supported by some Samsung phones.

In Device Central CS3, some devices are available.
They support StandAlone player or Application (BREW).
But it was difficult to find a Samsung's official list.

I so use info from S60.com and Samsung Innovator

I don't know if Device Central CS4 include them but here is the list of Flash Lite supported device, as StandAlone Player

If Nokia has Remote Device Access, Samsung has its Lab.dev for Symbian devices.
They use the same solution from Digia so you won't be lost.
(Unfortunatly, Samsung Lab.dev for WiMo devices is still in beta and unavailable for classic member.)

I was so able to test Poulpy's Game on available devices and noticed a problem on S60 3rd FP1 devices :
using a simple SWF file, sharedObjet didn't work
install this same SWF file using Nokia's Packager/SWFPack, sharedObjet worked fine
no problem with other devices.

On a side note, I didn't test yet if Omnia HD is a 'clone' of the Nokia 5800 with Nokia Platform services and if the FLite 3.1 Distributable Player works or not on these devices.


Econoetica said...

Hi, this info is very helpful...
but are you sure that on S60 devices flash lite is supported? i could not find the info you reported neither on s60.com nor on samsung innovator.
Did you try to install any sis file (containing swf) on any of these devices?
thank you.

William Gregoire said...


I tested on every device on the Labs.
It's real devices you can remotly control throught a Web interface.

And for the FLChallenge, I tested on the omnia hd...works even better than the 5800!

I know there is not a lot of information...I used spares info on the web and testing on Labs...
It's why I submitted my report here.

(sorry for the late reply, very busy with the challenge)