22 March 2009

SharedObject FL 2 vs FL 3 in Device Central 3

A good thing to know when you debug your application/game under Device Central 3 (I don't know if DC4 still handle it this way ) : the sharedObjects aren't handled the same way in Flash Lite 2.x and Flash Lite 3.x

When you test sharedObject under DC3, it creates a file named storageObjects.bin under C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\Adobe Device Central CS3 (in Vista).
This file is the current sharedObject data.

Let say you're testing your FL2.x app under a FL2 phone, the sharedObject will be in FL2 format.
Now, switch to a FL3 phone... your sharedObjet is now totally messed up (wrong value, lost data, etc...) !
Because DC3 open the FL2 shared object like if it was a FL3 shared object.
It seems the internal structure of a shared object has changed in FL3.

So remember to empty the shared objets using DC3 control panel BEFORE fully testing on a phone with another FL version.

on a side node, FL3 shared objects are smaller than FL2 shared object, according the storageObjects.bin and size shown on the DC3 control panel.

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