17 March 2009

Adobe Mobile Packager...or not ?

Some hours ago, I was present at the Webimar from Nokia Discovery, Distribution & DRM – opening doors for Flash Developers

What I hear confused me : Adobe Mobile Packager isn't the 'perfect' way to follow.
In fact, Nokia seems afraid that the Flash Lite Player installed could disturb the Platform Services available on S60 5th edition and soon S60 3rd edition.

So, if I think about the worst scenarii :
- pre-installed Flash Player with Plaform Services
- new Flash Player without Platform Services
- updated Flash Player with Platform Services...

so, I really don't know if I must package my games with AMPackager, like a lot of others developers. What if we, in fact, corrupt the 6th Edition and its Plaform Services ?
Nokia is working on its own solution...I'll perhaps wait


Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to this AMPackager? Never heard of it.

William Gregoire said...

AMPackager is Adobe Mobile Packager.

You can find it at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/distributableplayer/