24 July 2010

When your Android phone will support Flash 10.1?

From Computerworld, something like an up-to-date list of the future update of each Android phone to Froyo.

This is linked to my previous post about contests : there is actually NO release date of Flash 10.1 (via Froyo) for each Android phone.
This point another problem about Android : Google lets phone manufacter (even HTC!) make their own OS, or at leat GUI, BASED on Android.
It means everytime Google launches a new version of Android, these manufacters must patch their own version....which mean times and money.
After the screen fragmentation which came with Android 2.0, we now have the OS fragmentation...very bad!
The solution will be a classic Androis OS for every phone (no HTC sense nor Motorola Sensor) but, in that case, what will make the (marketing) difference between a Sony and a HTC ? What will make you buy a Motorola over the latest Samsung ?
Design, power, memory, dedicated Android apps,... ?
I doubt it will be enought for marketing...(only Apple could succeed to sell a phone only using its design)

I personnaly bought a HTC Desire over the Google Nexus One because of HTC Sense (UI is VERY important for my wife)....it seems developer should ALWAYS buy one Google phone to be up to date...
So sad I don't live in USA to get free Nexus One at some Adobe event :(

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