18 April 2010

Flash Lite 4 AS3 reference

As stated in a comment on my previous post, the FL4 livedocs is available from 1 month now.
While testing Flash Builder 4 (I won't comment here about the good and bad thing of this product), I noticed you can filter the AS3 reference to one or more runtimes.
Flash Lite 4 is one of them !
Good thing if you dev in Flex but want to port it to FL4 (I know, it should be Slider's job).

So, we now have all the docs....We're now waiting for Slider and FL4 based phones (HTC Desire?)

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Rajdeep Rath said...

Thats a real cool piece of info :). However i have question. I just stumbled across this yesterday:


If they can do it, why hasn't Adobe done it already ?? Slider is taking like forever.