04 February 2010

GetJar Number 2 behind Apple's AppStore

Like revealed in his today's interview, GetJar's Vice President Marketing thinks they'll hit 100 millions download per month soon.
Did I already say GetJar is THE place to release your apps/games ? ;)

He also talks about SE's Play Arena : free content are GetJar's !
I now understand why I got a lot of hits from SE mobile with Poulpytris.

Interesting, Spring (in USA) is also using GetJar since 2 weeks now.

I'm surprised with their recent contract with EA....
EA is a giant, if GetJar is full of EA's demos, it will be hard to find our place....
which is confirmed by "some of [EA] free trial games are in top 10 most downloaded apps"
Imagine GetJar full of Konami, Capcom, EA, Sega and others demos : they'll be no place for small games...
But, after the appstors, it's perhaps the beggining of a big move on the mobile market...It's also perhaps the reason why the price of games is on every company interview this month

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