07 January 2010

Wii Flash Lite - trying to handle Wiimote(s)

After some basics testing, I jumped to a more exciting test : the Wiimote support!

Before the update, the Wiicade API was the lib to use.

(4 wiimotes on Wii Flash Player 2 years ago)

I so implemented it using the same example : unfortunatly it is no longer working!

Honestly, I was afraid of this since I saw the B button was no longer logged, even using the official Opera example : Browsing button.

So, what are the problems ?

  • B button isn't logged, for any of the wiimotes

  • the update of the remote data is no longer fast enought : you press several buttons, stop and see the buttons pressed after some delays.

  • Opera thinks your wiimote is disconnected on startup

  • angle and distance are totally wrong

so...bad news....:(
It's sad because, apart for the B buttons, everything is still working on the Browsing buttons example (in full javascript) so they didn't broke the initial JS API..

So, it's time for some R&D ;)

EDIT : in fact, LocalConnection calls are queued, it's why, if you move a lot your wii or press a lot of buttons, every lags...got to find how to optimize this

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