03 December 2009

SVG 1 - William 0

While I was working on WillNa Packer, a third (yes A THIRD!) of my time was about this $*^$* SVG icon

I tried everything again : AI CS3, AI CS4, Inkspace, export/import from one to another!
But I wasn't able to make a true/pure/beautiful/fully compatible SVG icon

AI doesn't export SVG, it exports a XML with PNG in base64
Inkspace isn't fully compatible with S60 3rd AND S60 5th

So, it's now official : I lost
I used an AI export, knowing it won't perfectly work on S60 5th but isn't 24Ko (!)
So, it's your turn, make your own SVG icon
Else this is what you'll get using WillNa packer

on N95

on N97

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