13 December 2009

Poulpy's Game : 9 months analysis

In March'09 I released Poulpy's Game on GetJar.
1 month later, I made a quick analysis of the download.

Just before I release my new one Poulpytris, I thought it was time to make another analysis, with more data on these 9 last month and 15K downloads!
Following current move on Flash Lite world, I wanted to make an analysis of the version download : raw SWF vs SIS packaged vs CAB packaged

Here come the stats

This the evolution of the number of downloads
Apart the big drop after 2 months, you can notice the 'poor' result of the SIS version
More on the SWF and CAB version below

This is the exact percent of each version for each month
Here you can see how the CAB version became more and more important against the raw SWF
After a slow start, the CAB version is near the 50% of the total download each month!

I made this analysis to find if the CAB version was really needed.
You can see it is! This information made me think again about Adobe goal on Flash mobile.

Adobe will stop in 11 months to support the Adobe Mobile Packager, the actually (?) only solution to distribute in CAB format.
From what I understood, Adobe is working on Flash Lite 4 IN A BROWSER, not standalone.
The so waiting solution to distribute is the announced AIR for mobile (and I really hope it won't be as bugged as the first version of AIR for desktop)
But do you REALLY think EVERY phones will support AIR for mobile in 2010 ?
I talk about phones not smartphones, since market like India doesn't use smartphones a lot (see AdMob stats)
We're still dealing with phones based on FL2 while FL3 is arround for 1 year now.
We'll have to wait how many years to see AIR as a global solution ?
More than one year, for sure ! So between the end of AMP and the full AIR deployment, we'll be without solution. It's awful.

I'm just feeling like I lost my time...that Flash on mobile isn't ready enought...
or, at least, that it will change its face on the coming years.

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