01 October 2009

S40 fullscreen bug also affects Playyoo games

Today, I was playing the best game on Playyoo : Bog Frog
After a Game Over, I tried to submit my score BUT I lost my full screen, as expected...
So it's really a bug, not something I did wrong on my own game...
Someone with a Nokia 5310XM to confirm this ?

Using Playyoo, I found a way to restore fullscreen
1/ you must go to a screen without LeftSoftKey definied (SetSoftKey, "", "xxx")
2/ press the Left soft key, which will open the default 'Options' menu of Flash
3/ select pause
4/ re-open Options menu with left soft key
5/ select play

About the White Screen Of Death, reboot your phone at first crash since it seems to corrupt memory: WSOD occurs anytimes after that, even on games which are sure to be fully working

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